The traditional Schroth cure in the Landhaushotel Bingger

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Your Landhaushotel Schroth cure

In the tradition of our hotel, we offer a Schroth cure, designed for a stay of 7 to 21 days. This has nothing to do with grist and grain, but is named after the carter Johann Schroth. He developed this therapy as a way to detoxify and purify the body and to activate the body's self-healing powers. It is a naturopathic treatment that consists of drinking and dry days and of course also includes a special menu.

If you want to try the Schroth cure, Oberstaufen is the right place. The location in the Allgäu is the centre of competence for the Schroth cure in Europe.

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In addition to the Schroth cure

Infrared movement light therapy - losing weight has never been easier.

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Your individual Schroth arrangement takes between 7 and 21 days

7 days trial week 14 days cure                       21 days cure
6 days Schroth diet                12 days Schroth diet / 12th day evening set up dinner 18 days Schroth diet
6th day evening set up dinner 13th day small breakfast / lunch and dinner set up 19th day build-up lunch and dinner
7th day breakfast 14th day breakfast 20th day small breakfast / build-up lunch and dinner
1 x Nordic walking 2 x Nordic walking 21. day breakfast
Sauna area Sauna area 3 x Nordic walking
Large quiet garden Large quiet garden Sauna area
Sunbathing area Sunbathing area Large quiet garden
Hikes Hikes Sunbathing area
All services from Oberstaufen Plus                 All services from Oberstaufen Plus  Hikes
    All services from Oberstaufen Plus 
from 448,00 EUR from 896,00 EUR from 1344,00 EUR
Additionally bookable:
5 Schroth packs + 2 massages for
132,00 EUR
Additionally bookable:
11 Schroth packs + 4 massages for
282,00 EUR
Additionally bookable:
16 Schroth packs + 6 massages for
414,00 EUR

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